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Weekend Gateways in India



Weekend Getaways are shorter adventures close to home, making it easier to match your schedule and your budget. With specially designed Weekend Trips, we're sure to have an adventure that lets you to experience the great outdoors, polish new skills, and meet other outdoor enthusiasts.

The best weekend vacation destinations are those that are easy to get to, allowing you to pack a bag and jump in the car or on a short flight that's close to your chosen resort.

Weekend getaways are the best way to rejuvenate if you don't have many vacation days left in a year. Awesome weekend getaway ideas  include travel to a nearby romantic inn, a full service resort, or long weekend getaways to a beach in Goa. Couples celebrating an anniversary, birthday or a vow renewal have many romantic options, from quick trips in Lonavala to Rajasthan to ultra relaxing spa vacations and all inclusive weekend getaways. We have a whole section dedicated to Romantic Weekend Gateways, so it's a good idea to start your research there. Weekend getaways with kids can include a trip to a new city, or visit to places like Imagica or Disneyland.

When you finally get to take off time from work for a long-overdue weekend getaway, you’ll want to savor every last minute of it. But there are so many factors to consider, mainly destination and affordability. Sure, you can opt for the tried-and-true like a beach resort or ski trip in the mountains—but why book a flight to a touristy hotspot when you can try one of these off-the-beaten path weekend getaways? It’s a great opportunity to try something new for next weekend escape—plus, your friends and family might be impressed with your creativity. We’ve rounded up plenty of ideas whether you’re traveling with your significant other, the whole family (plus the kids), or a group of friends. Plus, there's diversity in the price ranges, from the cheapest vacation ideas to more luxe options. you can use the money you saved on flights and book a hotel room at the nicest hotel nearby. Whatever you choose, these getaway ideas will make for a memorable weekend.

Quick Weekend Getaways - Weekend Vacation Ideas by Interest

Whether you are looking for a Family Weekend Getaway, Couples' Trip, Girlfriends, Guys, Luxury or Cheap Weekends, there are ideas for everyone.

If you live in a major city like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad or any major Metro City in India look for romantic resorts, hotels, inns and other quick getaways that are a short drive away, so that you can save time and money getting to your destination. Every season offers something unique to look forward to: relaxing on the beach in the summer and gourmet dining in the winter. Quick weekend getaways for friends include spa parties, fun weekend getaways for couples, 3 day weekend trips, Day Trips or amazing tours and group activities.

Weekend Getaways for Couples: Browse the weekend getaways section of our site for the full list of ideas. There are many unique romantic inns to choose from for couples, and full service resorts for families.




Family Getaways: Families tend to like pools, beaches and a choice of activities that allow children to learn something new and parents to relax with a game of golf of a massage. Regardless of where you live, there is probably a full service resort that's an easy drive from your town. There are many 2 day trip ideas as well as longer getaways in any part of the India or nearby countries.

Some resorts offer activities to children year-round. If you are planning to have your child participate in one of the kids' programs, remember to double check availability and requirements. Younger children usually have to be accompanied by an adult, while older kids can participate in the activities on their own.


Girls Weekend Ideas - long weekend getaways: What do girls like to do on their weekend getaway? Spa parties, shopping, group adventures and plenty of relaxation by the pool or on the beach will please nearly every gal. Hotels often offer special girls weekend packages designed to attract two or more girlfriends who want to get away together to relax in a natural setting, or surrounded by the buzz of a big city like Mumbai or Ahmedabad. Some of the best  birthday trips can be close to your home and can be quite affordable.



Cheap Weekend Getaways: The best way to find a cheap weekend getaway is to get away during the shoulder season – September, first week of November, in January just after New Year’s, April and early May. Avoid peak travel time such as major holidays because both airfare and hotel rooms won’t be cheap then. To keep the cost down, consider camping in a national park or rent a self-serve cabin. Not only are they affordable, but you will also have the option to cook your own meals which will keep the costs down. If you want to do something relaxing like enjoy the facilities of a plush resort spa, in many cases you can buy a day pass to the spa while staying at an affordable Bed and Breakfast nearby, rather than paying for the expensive resort room.


Fun weekend getaways - Book Now of Wait? Many travelers ask: Should I plan ahead of time or wait until the last minute to book my weekend getaway? The answer is: it depends. If you want to get away to a popular destination during the holidays or a special time of year like the fall foliage, you should book several weeks in advance or you may not get a room. But during most other times of the year waiting until the last minute is ok, and can in fact get you a great deal. Once resorts realize that a large percentage of their rooms will be empty, they will discount them. Whether you are looking for romantic weekend getaways on the nearby Beach destinations or family travel to experience Nature, there is plenty to choose from. You can find cheap weekend getaway ideas, quick luxury trips and more.